530 Williams Street
P.O. Box 1530
Mt. Vernon, Kentucky 40456
Phone (606) 256-2953
Fax (606) 256-3948

The mission of Mt. Vernon Elementary School is to ensure that our students will continue the life-long process of learning, through dedication, leadership, and cooperation between the home and school. We believe preparing students for life is the most important reason for our work.

Mt. Vernon Elementary has a faculty of 57 certified teachers and a support staff of 50. The primary school program has multi-age, multi-ability groupings of students within non-graded classes. The intermediate classes are grouped by 4th and 5th grade homerooms. We provide art, music, drama, library skills, technology, and physical education in addition to core academic subjects for all students. Students rotate through an arts block schedule every ten days. Intermediate students have additional enrichment activities in choral music, Student Technology Leadership Program, drama, journalism, and video technology. Mt. Vernon Elementary also has a school-wide Title I program which provides additional resources for all reading and math programs. Our special education and gifted/talented students receive instruction in the regular classroom as well as services from specialist.

Additional components of our learning environment include FRC enrichment classes, School-to-Careers Enterprises, the Media Blitz newspaper, and the PRIDE Club which are funded by grants acquired by teachers and parents. We strive to build a strong partnership between home, school and community to provide the best experience possible for our students.