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Welcome to the Counselor’s Corner at Mt. Vernon Elementary!


Linda Hamm
Academic Support, Student Records, Building Assessment Coordinator

Kristy Parkey
Social/Emotional Counseling/Support for all students, UNITE Club sponsor, Instructor of Preventive Guidance in the Classroom Setting

There are many misconceptions about a School Counselor’s role within the school. We believe that guidance, counseling and teaching are related educational processes, in that they each help students to learn and grow. The only difference is that guidance and counseling concentrate more on personal interests, problems, meanings, experiences, behavior and goals, whereas the classroom focuses more on academics. We are here to assist students with a wide variety of services including individual counseling, small group counseling and classroom guidance. In addition, we are here to assist with meeting personal/social, academic and career needs of students, to consult with parents and teachers when situations arise, as well as to assist with interventions that address academic and behavioral needs of the students. We are also here to serve as a resource for parents, staff, and students.

Our Beliefs:

  • We believe that schools, families and community are partners in the education of all our children.
  • We believe learning is a lifelong process
  • We believe that each individual is ultimately responsible for his/her own choices, actions and learning.
  • We believe that the school and community will provide a variety of positive educational opportunities for students to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.
  • We believe in the curriculum that stresses content and methods to promote problem-solving, risk-taking, adaptability, thinking skills and application.

 Guidance and Counseling Benefits

 Benefits for Students:

  • Increase number of students able to participate in the guidance process
  • Increase opportunities for consistent counseling services throughout the year
  • Increase opportunities for counselor-student interaction
  • Increase classroom performance
  • Increase knowledge of the changing world
  • Increase knowledge of self and others
  • Develops decision-making skills
  • Promotes knowledge and assistance in career exploration and development
  • Increases leadership skills
  • Increases communication skills and problem-solving strategies
  • Improves conflict resolution skills
  • Promotes accountability and responsibility
  • Empowers youth to utilize other resources
  • Encourages a positive self-concept

Benefits for Parents:

  • Increases an awareness of the nature and scope of the counseling program
  • Improves communication between the home and school
  • Increases opportunities for collaboration and communication between parents and school staff
  • Increases knowledge of what assistance parents and their children can receive for the counselor and the school
  • Further involves the parents in their child’s educational development and long range academic goals

Benefits for Teachers:

  • Encourages positive, supportive working relationships with other teachers and staff
  • Provides a team effort to address student needs and competencies
  • Increases the likelihood of academic success
  • Promotes a positive and healthy school environment
  • Provides support and serves as a resource for students who need extra guidance

Internet Resources

www.kidinfo.com – Excellent homework assistance website