Mt. Vernon Message 5/22/2019

On May 15, Miss Hannah Zanet spoke with some of Mrs. Robin Rumsey’s art students at MVES.  Hannah recently completed her Freshmen year at Columbus College of Art and Design. She spoke with the students about career options in the creative arts and her specialty area of animation. Students asked lots of great questions! Along with Mrs. Robin, the following classes would like to thank Miss Hannah for taking the time to speak with us: Mrs. Marisa Albright (5th), Miss Lindsay Abel (4th), and Mrs. Jennifer White (3rd).

Mrs. Angie Hunt’s  class has enjoyed the beautiful flower garden designed by Mrs. Nancy Mullins . MVES and Mrs. Angie’s  class appreciates her hard work  and love for our school.  Thank you Mrs. Nancy.

hunt kindergarten

Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Kaci recently honored the students who met their BookIt! Reading Goal for the entire year.  The students received a Reading medal, Reading backpack full of “goodies” and a free trip to Pizza Hut.  We would like to thank Mrs. Gail at Pizza Hut for making this possible.  The following students were honored:   Abigail Northern, Carabella Mink, Ayden Nolan, Bryson Miler, and Marcas Jones-Njie.

book it