Rockcastle ATC Student Orientation 2021-2022

Welcome to Rockcastle Area Technology Center (RATC).

We are excited to teach you technical knowledge and skills in a real world setting with authentic equipment and high expectations for all students.

We have some of the most modern up-to-date equipment and labs anywhere in KY.

Your teachers will try to train you for a good job, but you must perform to our standards and expectations.

Rockcastle ATC offers numerous Career Pathways.  These pathways consist of at least 4 classes that will prepare you for a future career.  Our goal is to help you find the pathway that fits you and help you complete it.

There are many certificates and credentials available for free or low cost. These will help you get a job or into college.


COVID 19 pandemic:

Following the mandate by Governor Andy Beshear:

  1. All faculty and staff must wear a mask while at Rockcastle ATC.
  2. All students must wear a mask while at Rockcastle ATC.
  3. All Rockcastle ATC visitors will wear a mask while in our facility.
  4. Maintain at least 3 feet of social distancing.
  5. Rockcastle ATC will follow local, Rockcastle district, health department, and state guidelines regarding quarantining as necessary.


Instruction for the year will primarily be in-person. Additionally, each class will maintain a Google Classroom as well to supplement instruction.

RATC students will be expected to participate in all aspects of learning.

Self Discipline – Complete your assignments, follow classroom rules and follow the Golden Rule treat staff and other students as you want to be treated.

When the classroom teachers attempts fail, or more serious offenses occur, discipline referrals and consequences consistent with Rockcastle County High School policy will be applied.

Safety practices and classroom rules must be followed at all times.

Bullying and/or sexual harassment will not be tolerated and needs to be reported as soon as possible.

PDA, Cell Phone, Tobacco Use and E-Cig, Dress Code, Bad Language or Inappropriate Conversations, Respect for school property, school personnel and fellow students will be consistent with Rockcastle County High School.  Act like an adult.  Hats to be worn in shops only as needed for safety. No bare feet!

School telephone use is limited to your classroom with approval from your teacher.

Only necessary calls will be allowed.

Incoming calls for students will be screened, and necessary messages will be relayed to the student.

RCHS policy on Cell phones will be followed.

Absences- RATC attendance policies follow Rockcastle County school’s guidelines.  Keep up with your work.  It is your responsibility as a student and a young adult to ask your teacher for missed assignments and making up work.

Restrooms use.  You must follow the same guidelines as RCHS in bathroom usage.  You will be required to use your agenda to utilize the ATC restrooms during class time.  There will be opportunities for restroom usage throughout the day.

Lunch –All RATC students will be escorted to lunch by their respective teachers at the designated time. It is extremely important that all groups remain together and follow social distancing guidelines during the walk from RATC to the bathrooms and cafeteria.

Building Maintenance –The staff desires that the building remain clean. Clean up your own messes.

Co-op Placement and site approval:  Student must be recommended by teacher based on performance, attitude and grades over the previous year’s prior courses.  Think about that goal each day you come to the RATC.