Instructors: Vicky Castle & Ashley Mullins

Information Processing Career Pathway Description:

A program that prepares individuals to support business information operations by using computer equipment to enter, process, and retrieve data for a wide variety of administrative purposes. Includes instruction in using basic business software and hardware, business computer networking, principles of desktop publishing, preparing mass mailings, compiling and editing spreadsheets, list maintenance, preparing tables and graphs, receipt control, and preparing business performance reports.


  • Digital Literacy
  • Business Communications
  • Business Management
  • Leadership Dynamics
  • Web Page Design
  • Multimedia Publishing
  • Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Advanced Computer Technology
  • Word Processing
  • Business Education
  • Advanced Multimedia
  • Promotional Application and Media Business Education Internships

E-books & Data Files

Access 2013 E-book

Access Data Files

Excel 2013 E-book

Excel Data Files

PowerPoint 2013 E-book

PowerPoint Data Files

Word 2013 E-book

Word Data Files

The Teen Entrepreneur Book