April 25th Announcements

1. Archery practice TODAY at the middle school. Archery for Saturday has been cancelled.

2. Any student interested in playing indoor soccer, stop by the front office for contact information for an indoor soccer league in Somerset that is recruiting interested students.

3. All carry-ons & luggage going to NYC needs to be on the auditorium stage first thing Friday morning. No one will be allowed to go home or to their car to get luggage. If you co-op, please drop off your luggage before going to work. Don’t forget your itinerary book- it is very important.

4. RCHS math week continues today. Tomorrow’s theme is “The Music of Math”, so wear a t-shirt of your favorite band or singer. Participate and show your love for math.

5. All yearbook applications are due to Ms. Bryant in room 106 by this Friday. Only those who submit applications will be considered for Yearbook staff. Applications can be picked up in Ms. Bryant’s room.

6. UNITE to Read reading logs are due this Friday to Mrs. Wells. If you have read 15, 20 or 25 books since this past June, fill out a log to receive a certificate on Awards Day. Books do not have to be from the RCHS library to count.

7. All seniors are encouraged to go to the senior board by Mrs. Stallsworths room and write their future plans.


Sub Sandwich (Turkey or Ham), 2 Sides, Fruit & Milk