Martin Places 1st in 7th Brigade Essay Contest

Wednesday, May 18th, Cadet Ryan Martin was awarded 1st place in the 7th Brigade Essay Contest. The Junior ROTC has an essay contest every year, and this year the essay was about what JROTC was like 100 years ago, what it’s like today, and what it will be like 100 years from now. Ryan’s essay got a perfect score from the Rockcastle County High School Junior ROTC, and he also got a perfect score from the 3 Brigade level judges who have master’s degrees and one is an English College Professor. Ryan also received a perfect score out of all of the other Junior JROTCs in the eight Brigades (1,700 Programs) worldwide. Getting a perfect score on and essay at the Brigade and Cadet Command level is something that does not happen very often. Ryan worked very hard on his essay, and it definitely showed. The Rockcastle County High Schools Junior ROTC Program is proud of Ryan’s hard work.

ryan martin (Small)