Whitley County Raider & Drill Competition

Thirty-two Cadets from the Rockcastle County Rockets JROTC competed in the Whitley County Raider and Drill competition October 13th, 2018.

The competition consisted of the Raider Gauntlet, a land navigation event, the colorguard and squad drill, a rope bridge challenge, an obstacle course, and a tug-of-war challenge. Every event tested our cadets physically and mentally, as well as utilizing all the previous year’s training for each team.

For the colorguard, Cadet CSM Hunter Medley commanded the colorguard, Cadet 2LT Sarah Pride held the state flag, and Cadets Eli Price and Cager Doan were the right and left riflemen, respectively. For the squad drill, Cadet 1SG Andrew Didelot commanded and Cadets Jacob Luczak, Madison Bryant, Kansas Kirby, Hayley Allen, Zac Robinson, and Alex Robinson participated.

Cadet LTC Amber Doan commanded the Raider team and Cadets Chanler Cole, Jacob Lamb, Jakob Mink, Derrick White, Lydia Walker, DeMarcus Robinson, Larry Vanwinkle, Paige Fowler, Benton Kuntz, Elijah Vaught, Alexis Stewart, Emily Harris, Jasmine Ashcraft, and Gabe Tackett participated.

Overall, out of nine schools, the Drill team performed excellently and the Raider placed first in the obstacle course, second in the tug-of-war challenge, second in the land navigation event, and third in the rope bridge challenge, bringing home four trophies total. We would like to thank the Whitley County High School JROTC for hosting the event and to all the cadets who competed despite the cold weather!JROTC 5 JROTC 1 JROTC 2 JROTC 3 JROTC 4