RCHS Student Council-Club Partnership Benefits Female Students

The RCHS Student Council, in partnership with the Youth Service Center as well as the FCCLA and Young Feminists clubs, designed and implemented a hygiene center for young ladies at RCHS.  Student Council members Kylee Fain and Alexa Bussell managed the project, which will allow girls to obtain needed hygiene items at a self-serve station in the downstairs restrooms.  “Girls needed an option to be able to take care of personal issues without having to go through the office or staff members they don’t know”, said Fain.  Bussell added, “We wanted to find a way to partner with our YSC to make this happen and listen to our fellow students’ requests for things they wanted to see in our school”.  Students in the partnership are responsible for maintaining and stocking items and ensuring that the YSC has proper records of students’ use of the station.

Student Council
L-R: Alexa Bussell, Kylee Fain (RCHS Student Council) and Barbara Mullins, RCHS Youth Service Center