RCHS Students Participate in ESports

Esport is a KHSAA sanctioned sport, and Rockcastle County High School has been there since the start, which was known as Season Zero. There are two seasons per year, Fall and Spring. Season Zero started with League of Legends. During Season One Rocket League and Smite were added. Smite is not considered a state game yet, so it is played on a regional level and RCHS is part of the Eastern U.S region. We are currently on our fourth season, known as Season Three. This is our first season that RCHS has students playing in each of the three games. Our team currently meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  League of Legends competes on Tuesday and Smite and Rocket League on Thursday. If team members are not competing, they are strategizing and practicing for their next match. Pictured below are our Smite and Rocket League teams who came in during last Thursday’s snow day for competitions.

Esports Esports Esports Esports