About RCMS

RCMS works to educate the whole child for successful transition to high school with high levels of academic performance, positive self-image, and responsible, self-sufficient membership in the community.

More About RCMS

ACT Explore for all 8th grade students, Tuesday, September 23

The ACT Explore program is a curriculum-based assessment program designed to help 8th grade students gain an understanding of their academic development in terms of preparation for college, make the most of their opportunities in high school and beyond, and guide them as they start thinking about future educational and career planning. ACT Explore assesses academic progress, provides an early indicator of college readiness,
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RCMS Students Walk for Hunger

Rockcastle County Middle School students participated in CAP’s Grateful Bread Food Pantry Hunger Awareness March on September 4th.

RCMS Students Celebrate Hat Day with Style

We would like to thank everyone who participated in raising money for Abby Langford with RCMS Hat Day.  The award for the Craftiest Hat goes to Mrs. Sandy Johnson, the award for the Most Dramatic Hat goes to Miss Smith and the award for Best Staff Participation goes to the Challengers Team.  Together RCMS raised $518.00 to help with Abby’s cancer treatment.  Way to
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