Kyle Coffey Wins Big at 4-HFFA State Poultry Show and Contest

RCMS 7th Grader Kyle Coffey attended the Kentucky State Fair this past week to compete in the 4-HFFA State Poultry Show and Contest.  Kyle received several awards for his poultry and even won a rooster crowing contest with one of his Old English Game Bantams.

Kyle won overall Grand Champion in class in the American Standard with his White Rock Rooster, Old English Game Bantam with his OEGB Black and Large Waterfowl Goose with his Brown Chinese.  He received overall Reserve Grand Champion with his Rose Combed Clean Leg Golden Seabright, his White Rock Bantam Hen, his OEGB Silver Duckwing, his Pekin duck and his Brown Chinese Goose.  Kyle also received 15 blue first place ribbons, 2 second place red, 1 third place white and 1 fourth place pink.

Kyle Coffey (Small)