Announcements 4/21/2017

Anyone who is interested in being a Y-Club officer must have their application turned today. See Mr. Bottoms.

On Tuesday, the Leadership Team will be sponsoring a half-court shot challenge.  Students can pay $1 to try a basketball shot from half court.  If you hit the shot, you will win $10.

Thank you to Kind Kids Reece McGuire, Faith Harris, Blake Halcomb, Jacob Pennington-Lopez, and Chris McCoy who helped put books away without being asked.

The top ten attendance winners for the week are:

Tied for 9th place:  Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Bishop

  • 8th  Mrs. Maples
  • 7th  Mrs. Hopkins
  • 6th  Mrs. Roberts
  • 5th  Miss Hunt
  • Tied for 3rd place Mrs. Wolfe and Mrs. Franklin
  • 2nd  Mrs. Sadler
  • 1st  Mrs. Stewart

Have a wonderful day!

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