6th and 7th Grade Mini Dollars & Sense Day

On Friday, several 8th graders became the ones to collect the payments instead of the ones to pay their bills.  They helped the 6th and 7th grade students in a mini-version of Dollars & Sense Day.

Thank you to all of the students who worked all day to teach younger students about budgeting:  Sierra Akemon, Mackenzie Lopez, Hallie Brown, Hallie Bales, Cameron Wright, Abby Owens, Hayden Bullens, Daejeon Dean, Emma Phillips, Alyssa Bugg, Maddie Ellis, Kaitlynn Northern, Bailey Bullock, J.T. Kelley, Peyton Cotton, Mya Hunt, Connor McGuire, Silas Durham, Alexis Brock, Xander Fletcher, Allison McCoy, Riley Sherrow, Jenna Loudermilk, Olivia Albright, Celia Shaffer, Aaron Asher, Makinlee Goff, Callie Creech, Keaten McClure, Kaden Kidwell, and Makinlee Kirby.