8th Grade Dollars & Sense Day

RCMS 8th graders attended the annual Dollars & Sense Day on Thursday.  Students are given a monthly salary based upon their career interests, grade point average and attendance record.  They must then go throughout the community paying their bills and balancing their budget.  This is a great hands-on learning day for the students.  Thank you to all of the community members who help make this day possible!

Ashley Reynolds from Citizens Insurance Agency (Singleton’s Insurance) assisted Matthew Collins with obtaining auto and home insurance.


Megan Coffey and Jaclyn Bullock from Community Trust Bank collected payments from Emma Ballinger for her utility bills including water, electric, garbage, and sewer.


Citizens Bank’s Joan Edgington and Pam Taylor helped Justin Allen and Kilee Carpenter open savings accounts to have a few dollars tucked away in case of emergencies.

Joan & Pam

8th grader Daejeon Dean talked with Courtney Cobb and Shonda Harris from People’s Bank about his budget.


Hazel Jackson and Rachel Wright from the Rockcastle County Extension Office assisted Jaelyn Pennington with budgeting enough funds for groceries for her family.


Erika Mungia stopped by the Unexpected Events booth with Rockcastle Regional’s Jana Bray.  You never know when your car might quit or your dog may get sick!

Unexpected Events

Kaden Kidwell knows that it is important to always give back to your community so he stopped by the Contributions table to donate to his favorite charity.  Thanks to Jarrod Amyx from Northside Baptist Church for being a volunteer.


Jeff Cromer from Weirchert (Ford Brothers) Realty helped Joseph Smith find the perfect home to fit his needs.


Matthew Silcox (Weirchert) assisted Savanna Santo, Callie Creech, and Hallie Bales in choosing a homes with a monthly payment that was within their budgets.


Jill Medley and Becky Payne from Mt. Vernon City Hall collected taxes from Jordan Davis and Kylee Burns before they made any other purchases.


Bailey Bullock met with Twila Burdette from Rockcastle Hospital Child Center to discuss the different options available in getting appropriate child care.

child care