2019 RCMS Christmas Festivities

This time of year is always a great time at RCMS.  We celebrated together with our school family, and awesome dinner, and some caroling.

Thanks to all of the students who joined in to sing and to the staff members who provided some mealtime entertainment:  Mr. Reppert, Mrs. Cromer, Mrs. Davis, Mr. McGuire, Miss Cassandra Smith, Mrs. Rachel Johnson, Mrs. Todd, Mrs. Burdette, Mr. Gentry and the 8th grade teachers.

Thank you as well to Leigha Crutcher, Chloe Stevens, and Averi Dillingham for helping Mrs. Cromer with the decorations.

Merry Christmas to all from RCMS!

Congratulations to our finalists and winners in the annual RCMS Ugly Sweater competition!

The 15 finalists were selected by the Student Council who then selected a winner from each grade level.  The finalists were:  (front row):  Hayden Hasey, Will Miller, Markley Richards, Brilee Bussell, Jaden Ramsey, Starla Baggett, Dillion Pickle, Rilee Smith, (back row):  Nick Day, Brock Mason, Emory Hazelwood, Mahala Miller, Ashley Nicholson, Colin Hamilton, and Shannen Eckert.

The winners were:  7th grader Emory Hazelwood, 6th graders Mahala Miller, and 8th grader Jaden Ramsey.