Exploring Animal Natures at RES

by Ethan Chandler ​ On October 8, 2014, Mrs. Fairchild’s and Mr. Woodall’s fourth grade classes were being taught about animals and science. Mrs. Betty Lewis, the conservation educator with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, was showing us both real and model parts of real animals. We saw an owl egg, duck feet, hawk feet, and eagle feet. (We soar like eagles, but these were
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2nd Annual “Run Like Eagles 4K”

The 2nd Annual “Run Like Eagles 4K” will be held on October 19, 2014 at 2:00 on the Roundstone Elementary School grounds. All proceeds go to the RES PTG Technology Fund. Pre-registration is $15 and runs until Friday, October the 10th. Race Day registration is $20. Run Like Eagles Registration

Perseverance and Engineering

By Natalie Alexander, RES Fourth Grade Mrs. Fairchild’s class at Roundstone Elementary is making boats and testing which one can hold the most. So far we are doing a good job. One boat can hold 27 marbles. This boat is called 27 men. The kids who made the boat are Robert Rhodus and Dylan Brown. These kid’s boat is not too big nor too
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