Cynthia Wolfe-Rogers, Library Media Specialist


Choosing a special book using a placeholder to mark the spot on the shelf.

The mission of Roundstone Elementary Library Media Center is to support Roundstone’s integrative curriculum. Students will be provided the opportunity to choose materials to facilitate not only their learning but also to afford them access to a print-rich environment. The purpose of our program is to enable all students to use information and to appreciate and enjoy literature.

The Library Media Center at Roundstone Elementary School provides access to materials and services to help students, staff, parents, and community residents obtain information meeting their educational, personal, and professional needs. Special emphasis is placed on supporting students at academic levels, preschool through fifth grade.

Students will…

  • Use a variety of library media resources and technologies to locate, organize and present information relevant to a specific need or problem.
  • Evaluate, interpret, and select information that meets their needs.
  • Function as independent learners by using library media resources as well as resources beyond the school site.
  • Pursue areas of personal interest through reading and research in the library media center and beyond.

Library Media Center Overview

The LMC will be open daily from 7:50 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. and will obtain a fixed schedule

Roundstone preschool students loved The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.

throughout the day for students. Preschool and Entry Level students visit the media center once a week for thirty-five minutes. Kindergarten students begin checking out weekly in September along with learning library skills connected to classroom units of study. First through fifth grade students visit the library once a week for fifty-five minutes. During this time, students are engaged in read-aloud, author study, library skills, research, and checkout time. Kindergarten and first grade students will check out one picture book, or one easy nonfiction, or one easy biography book. As these emergent readers develop their reading skills then they will move into the easy fiction chapter books. Second through fifth grade students will check out two books from any library section (except reference) in the library. More information is given regarding checkout & skills day, overdue & lost books, and behavior in the Roundstone Ele. School handbook (given to every student at the beginning of the school year).

Staff will be permitted to check out any number of books needed for their classroom use. They may also borrow magazines, videos, DVD’s, cameras, video cameras, and reference materials.

Roundstone Elementary School & Library Media Center Internet Usage

Access to the internet is a right and privilege of all Roundstone Ele. School students with parental permission. A student handbook is sent home on the first day of school with rules and guidelines for computer and internet usage. Included in the student handbook is a permission form that must be completed and filled out by the student’s parent/legal guardian. Computers in the library media center are for education purposes only. Students are responsible for appropriate and safe use of the internet.