Roundstone Read Across America Poster Contest


  1. Students can use paper or poster-board.
  2. SIZE OF PAPER/POSTER-BOARD:  no smaller than 8 ½ x 11 inch piece of unlined paper but no larger than 14 x 22 (this would be a half sheet of poster-board).  Paper/poster-board can be turned either vertically or horizontally in order to create picture.
  3. THEME:  anything reading…can be related to a specific book or author or just about reading in general.  Can encourage others to read or just show the student’s love for reading.
  4. MATERIALS TO BE USED:  crayons, coloring, pencils, markers, watercolors, permanent paint.  May also use material, ribbon, scrapbook paper, etc. to create a collage technique.  PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:  charcoal, oil pastels, or any other non-permanent medium that can rub off and ruin others work. Also no coloring sheets that have been simply copied and colored and attached to a larger sheet of paper.
  5. DEADLINE:  Monday, March 2
  6. NAMES ARE NOT TO BE WRITTEN ON THE FRONT OF THE POSTER.  Students must complete the bottom portion of this paper and glue/tape it to the bottom back of poster.
  7. Posters will be displayed in the school during Read Across America week AND  judged on the above criteria as well as creativity, craftsmanship, & neatness.
  8. If you have any questions please feel free to write, call, or email me at


Student’s name:  _______________________________________

Grade:  ___________

Teacher’s Name:  ____________________________________

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